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Quality Brand from the founding father of mountainbiking now making great bikes suitable for all riders
Gary Fisher is truly one of the founding fathers of the sport of mountain biking. He began klunking his way into history by racing his modified cruiser down the rough fire roads of Marin California's Mount Tam. From this point on, Gary has led the mountain bike world down the path of innovation as he worked to make his intense personal vision a reality. From the development of the oversized headset and the first production bicycle with front suspension, to the creation of the Gary Fisher Two-Niner 29-inch wheeled mountain bikes. Gary continually toils to make mountain bikes better. He is a driven advocate for the sport, thriving to make better products to help the droves of mountain bikers around the world enjoy the wonders of two wheeled life.

Today, Gary is still riding, still racing and still pushing for technical advancements in the sport. You would be hard pressed to find a rider that puts in more miles on a bike and attends more events than Gary Fisher. Gary is always looking, listening, identifying trends, and sifting out that which makes sense. Gary's story is a totally unique adventure of one man and his vision for a sport.

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