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Thirty years of folding bike innovations now offering the most comprehensive range of folding bikes available from folding bike specialist manufacturers



DAHON Mu P27 (2013) *Current Offer (On display in COMMUTING & LIFESTYLE BIKES » Folding Bikes)

The 2013 model year marks thirty years since Dr. David Hon founded Dahon in what he calls a humble drive to transform global transportation. Since 1983, Dahon has produced over 3 million folding bicycles. Today, folding bicycles are one of the fastest growing product categories in the bicycle market with 15% market share in some countries.

"I started out as a small guy with a big idea," stated Dr. David Hon, Dahon President. "My goal was nothing less than a transportation solution that was affordable and could alleviate the world of it's dependence on oil. I developed a folding bike prototype and flew around the world to the big bike manufacturers hoping to license my idea; but none of the big bike manufacturers were interested. So I decided to do it myself and moved to a new country and built a factory because of my belief in the importance of the product. In retrospect, I was pretty fool-hardy, not knowing how difficult it would be to make the transition from academia to business. But it has been a rewarding journey."

Today, over 95% of folding bicycles on the market utilize portions of the technology originally pioneered by Dahon, while Dahon continues to push the technology envelope forward. Dahon and its' team of research and development engineers develop new patented technologies at a rate of 20 per year. In addition the company sets the goal of improving its bikes by at least 15 percent year after year. Dahon actively licenses many patents to other companies in keeping with its vision of making folding bikes accessible to everyone.

"Looking back, it is amazing how far we have come in twenty-five years," continued Hon. "When I started, folding bikes were largely considered novelties that were not serious bikes. Now folding bikes are playing such an important transport role and so many people depend on them every day."

If you can't find the items you are looking for within our main site, you should be able to view the complete range from DAHON by visiting their own website: (although please be aware that not all products may be available within the UK)


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